libqb  1.0.2
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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
o*qbarray.hThis is a dynamic array (it can grow, but without moving memory)
o*qbatomic.hBasic atomic integer and pointer operations
o*qbdefs.hThese are some convience macros and defines
o*qbhdb.hThe handle database is for reference counting objects
o*qbipc_common.hCommon types and definitions
o*qbipcc.hClient IPC API
o*qbipcs.hServer IPC API
o*qblist.hThis is a kernel style list implementation
o*qblog.hThe logging API provides four main parts (basics, filtering, threading & blackbox)
o*qbloop.hMain loop manages timers, jobs and polling sockets
o*qbmap.hThis provides a map interface to a Patricia trie, hashtable or skiplist
o*qbrb.hThis implements a ring buffer that works in "chunks" not bytes
\*qbutil.hThese are some convience functions used throughout libqb